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Why Shrink Wrap Provides the Best Shipping Protection

April 7, 2022

Shrink wrap is one of the most versatile shipping materials you could use for your company. There are tons of benefits to this durable plastic. Therefore, you should try it for yourself. So why does shrink wrapping boxes provide the best shipping protection?

Weatherproof, Waterproof, Tamperproof

Shrink wrap is an excellent material that protects your products during shipments so that the loads can stay in pristine condition for your client. Once you seal the wrap correctly, it will keep out any water, dust, or other environmental elements that could ruin your load. It’s also tamperproof, as you’ll clearly notice if someone or something has torn or punctured it.

Provides an Air-Tight Seal

Applying the industrial shrink wrap to a shipping pallet and using a heat gun for the seams creates an air-tight seal. This prevents animals and rodents from eating away at your products during shipment or storage. Some wrap types offer UV protection so that your products have another added layer of protection.

Better Shipping Services for Your Customers

Shrink wrapping your shipping products also shows your client that you care that the shipment gets to them safely. The film ensures all the shipment components stay together throughout the whole process. Customers can easily remove the shrink wrap and recycle it afterward!

Cost-Efficient Packaging

If you’re still wondering why shrink wrapping boxes provides the best shipping protection, this reason might convince you. Shrink wrap is more affordable than most other shipping materials. It even takes up less space in your warehouse, so you can focus on stocking other products.

Resists Wear Over Time

The glorious thing about using shrink wrap is that it’s highly resistant to becoming weak or brittle. It can withstand frigid temperatures and the sun. Because of its durability, shrink wrap is an excellent material for the perishable and produce industry. It can even prolong the shelf life of some of the fresher food products.

It’s evident that shrink wrapping boxes and pallets before shipping them is effective. Buffalo Shrink Wrap provides you with the highest quality of shrink wrap in multiple sizes for any application need. Next time you have a big shipment to send out, try out our shrink wrap.

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