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Our heat shrink wrap film rolls come in multiple thicknesses and color options are available as well as discounts for purchasing pallet quantities.

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Our selection of surface protection shrink film and tape offers a wide variety of applications. Browse our protection tape for glass and more in blue, white, black, and clear above.

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Shrink wrapping start up packages provide you with all the tools you need to get started.

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Whether you’re looking to package products or simply protect them from damage on their long journey into the hands of customers, heavy-duty shrink wrap for packaging is a necessity. Buffalo Shrink Wrap is made in the USA out of 100 percent virgin resins, guaranteeing a formfitting seal and durable protection regardless of application. Our heat shrink pallet wrap film rolls come in multiple thicknesses, and we offer several color options at select discounts for purchasing pallet quantities. These large shrink wrap rolls are available in white, blue, and clear. All colors have 1 year UV inhibitors that provide protection from UV rays while the item is stored outside. You won’t need to worry about product deterioration from short periods of time in the sun. Shop our selection of heat shrink wrap packaging options today to find the perfect type for your specific needs.

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Our Premium Grade Buffalo Shrink Wrap material offers superior protection for any size or style boat during off season storage and shipping protection for new and transported boats.

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Aviation & Aerospace

Buffalo Shrink Wrap is widely used throughout the Global Aviation Industry as a Cost-Effective way to protect Turbine Engines, Entire Aircraft, Landing Gear assemblies and other items.

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Buffalo Shrink Wrap Has Specialized in Industrial Shrink Wrap Protection for Over 30 Years! The proven, easy to learn step by step shrink wrap installation process can be used to protect any size, shape or type of Industrial Machinery during Shipping and Storage.

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Modular Homes

Buffalo Shrink Wrap is a cost-effective way to protect Modular Homes during Shipping and Storage. The drum tight waterproof shrink wrap cover is commonly used to Protect the entire Modular Home or parts of it, sides, ends or roof.

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Buffalo Shrink Wrap is a leading International Shrink Wrap Supplier based in the USA. We provide a complete line of heavy duty wrap, application equipment and all related supplies needed for the shrink wrap process.
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