Shrink Wrap Film Rolls

Buffalo Shrink Wrap is made in the USA out of 100 percent virgin resins. Our shrink wrap film rolls come in multiple thicknesses and color options are available as well as discounts for purchasing pallet quantities. These shrink film rolls are available in white, blue, and clear. All colors have 1 year UV inhibitors that provide protection from UV rays while the item is stored outside. If you are storing items outside for a prolonged period of time, white is recommended. The white material will limit the temperature change inside the shrink wrap cover. Shrink wrap sheeting is folded (pleated) and on a roll with a 3’’ heavy duty cardboard core. All heat shrink wrap rolls are shipped in boxes. Using shrink wrap is a cost-effective way to protect any size or shape item for shipping and storage. The easy to learn, proven step by step process can be implemented at any facility. It is versatile, portable, and keeps items clean and dry. Protects overseas shipments from corrosive saltwater air. Shrink wrap is 100% recyclable.