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When you need to protect your products and property, shrink wrap is the ideal method to ensure that protection, but poly straps aid in that endeavor. Poly woven straps help give structure to shrink wrap, further protecting your stored items from damage in the long term. And while shrink wrap is designed to securely fit your items, shrink wrap strapping and banding ensures that it continues to stay a perfect fit for long-term storage. If you have any questions about our selection of shrink wrap poly woven straps, or how they can benefit your business, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We’re happy to help you find the poly banding you need.

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When handling shrink wrap supplies, it’s necessary to have the proper equipment to hold and preserve your wrap. Shrink wrap holders maintain your supplies and keep them ready for when you need them apply them to company assets and items. When you need to transport your equipment to a specific location on your property, a shrink wrap cart facilitates easy transportation. Shop through our wide selection of shrink wrap racks and benefit your company today. If you have any questions about our shrink wrap roll holders, or any other products we provide, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.

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When securing loads for shipping, it’s an essential step to apply plastic stretch wrap to ensure nothing shifts during transit. Keeping all your items in a single place eliminates the risk of losing them when en route to their destination. At Buffalo Shrink Wrap, a stretch wrap supplier, we understand the need to protect items during shipping, which is why we have our plastic stretch film available for businesses to utilize. Make sure you have the plastic stretch shipping wrap you need to increase your item’s security during transit, preventing common breakages. Shop our stretch film plastic wrapping online and get the tools you need.

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Shrink wrap requires a specific environment to function at its best, and by utilizing shrink wrap vents, you can guarantee that ideal climate. Keeping out moisture is critical to maintaining your shrink wrap, and condensation can create mildew, resulting in ruined wraps. Shrink wrap air vents allow you to control your boat's or space’s climate, preventing condensation from forming and letting your wrap preserve your company’s assets. Don’t wait to get your shrink wrap vents in rectangular, round, or adhesive styles, the longer you put it off, the more likely issues will surface. If you have any further questions about the products we provide, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.

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When you need to protect and store your company’s assets and products, shrink wrap supplies aid in facilitating that security. Whether you need shrink wrap tools such as heat guns or shrink wrap accessories like poly straps, we have what you need at Buffalo Shrink Wrap. With our wide selection of industrial shrink wrap supplies, we can provide the equipment your business needs to protect your assets for long term storage. Improve your company’s storage procedures and shipping methods with our line of plastic shrink wrap and film products. Don’t hesitate to call for any further information about the protective products we provide.

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Our Premium Grade Buffalo Shrink Wrap material offers superior protection for any size or style boat during off season storage and shipping protection for new and transported boats.

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Aviation & Aerospace

Buffalo Shrink Wrap is widely used throughout the Global Aviation Industry as a Cost-Effective way to protect Turbine Engines, Entire Aircraft, Landing Gear assemblies and other items.

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Buffalo Shrink Wrap Has Specialized in Industrial Shrink Wrap Protection for Over 30 Years! The proven, easy to learn step by step shrink wrap installation process can be used to protect any size, shape or type of Industrial Machinery during Shipping and Storage.

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Modular Homes

Buffalo Shrink Wrap is a cost-effective way to protect Modular Homes during Shipping and Storage. The drum tight waterproof shrink wrap cover is commonly used to Protect the entire Modular Home or parts of it, sides, ends or roof.

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Buffalo Shrink Wrap is a leading International Shrink Wrap Supplier based in the USA. We provide a complete line of heavy duty wrap, application equipment and all related supplies needed for the shrink wrap process.
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