Roof Shrink Wrap

Buffalo Shrink Wrap Roof Protection for Storm Damage and New Construction Roof Covering

Buffalo Shrink Wrap provides all roof materials, supplies, and equipment needed to cover and protect commercial and residential roofs that have been damaged by storms. Buffalo Shrink Wrap's roof shrink wrap is high quality and contains a UV Inhibitor for extended outdoor protection. Buffalo Shrink Wrap is available in 7, 8, and 10 mil thicknesses. The White Plastic Buffalo Shrink Wrap roofing helps reflect the sunlight reducing the amount of heat attracted to the structure. Our Buffalo Shrink Wrap is also commonly used to cover new roof construction prior to building completion and installation of long-term conventional roofing materials.

Buffalo Shrink Wrap offers much better, long term, and more secure roof protection than tarps and other types of after-storm damage protection. The Buffalo Shrink Wrap roof wrap cover for houses is easily attached to any type of roof along the edges, roof soffits, and tops of exterior walls. Adding sandbag weights. The “Drum Tight” shrink wrap roof cover forms and adheres to all shapes and angles of the roof lines. The tight house roof shrink wrap can withstand strong winds and is 100% waterproof. Different levels of the roof line can be easily connected with our self-welding Buffalo Shrink Wrap allowing complete and total protection.

All types of roofs and roof materials can be effectively protected by our roof shrink wrap. This includes the following:

  • Peaked roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • Shingled roofs
  • Metal and Tiled Roofs
  • Commercial Stone/Gravel type roofs

Buffalo Shrink Wrap offers the following equipment and materials used for Shrink Wrapping Roofs:

  • Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap Sheeting: (BSW website shrink wrap page link)
  • Shrink Wrap Heat Guns: (Heat Gun page link)
  • Shrink Wrap Tape: (Shrink wrap tape page link)

If you have any questions about our house roof shrink wrap, please contact our team.


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Our Shrink Films Are Ideal For


Our Premium Grade Buffalo Shrink Wrap material offers superior protection for any size or style boat during off season storage and shipping protection for new and transported boats.

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Aviation & Aerospace

Buffalo Shrink Wrap is widely used throughout the Global Aviation Industry as a Cost-Effective way to protect Turbine Engines, Entire Aircraft, Landing Gear assemblies and other items.

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Buffalo Shrink Wrap Has Specialized in Industrial Shrink Wrap Protection for Over 30 Years! The proven, easy to learn step by step shrink wrap installation process can be used to protect any size, shape or type of Industrial Machinery during Shipping and Storage.

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Modular Homes

Buffalo Shrink Wrap is a cost-effective way to protect Modular Homes during Shipping and Storage. The drum tight waterproof shrink wrap cover is commonly used to Protect the entire Modular Home or parts of it, sides, ends or roof.

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Become an International Distributor

Buffalo Shrink Wrap is a leading International Shrink Wrap Supplier based in the USA. We provide a complete line of heavy duty wrap, application equipment and all related supplies needed for the shrink wrap process.

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