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Can You Recycle Shrink Wrap? Here's What You Need To Know

May 2, 2022

Concern about plastics is at the forefront of many environmentalists’ minds, and it’s also something we don’t take lightly at Buffalo Shrink Wrap. Many companies are eager to learn the answer to the questions, "Can you recycle shrink wrap?" or "Is plastic shrink wrap recyclable?" Here’s what you need to know about recycling this plastic stretch wrap.

Why Recycle?

In many cities, soft plastics, like a heat shrink wrap roll, are harder to recycle because they can jam up machines and cause delays within the facility trying to recycle other materials. However, our oceans are becoming full of plastic and waste in an epidemic that should not go unaddressed. There is an obligation to follow all the best practices as a company.

Shrink wrap has a less significant carbon footprint than other plastics, but the material should still be recycled to protect the environment. However, shrink wrap as a packing material is still a better option than cardboard, glass, or paper. Shrink wrap takes up less space on your shelves and even less space in landfills.

Baling Shrink Wrap

The waste management industry provides a novel solution for pesky soft plastics that are harder to recycle. This industry offers recycling services and programs specifically for shrink wrap. The companies bale the shrink wrap, much like hay, and then transport the bales back to a facility that can recycle the material.

What Can You Do?

There are programs for larger companies using shrink wrap that will pay the business for their bailed, used plastic. Recycling your shrink wrap in high volumes can create an additional revenue channel for your company. Smaller companies might find it harder to locate a program willing to pay them for their shrink wrap because they don’t produce enough plastic waste. Consider partnering with another small company to help make recycling shrink wrap cost-effective for everyone involved.

So, can shrink wrap be recycled? Yes, and you should! As a business in the plastic industry, we encourage other companies to help out the environment and make intelligent decisions regarding recycling used and old packing products.

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