3 Tips for Shrink Wrapping Restaurant Patio Furniture

March 24, 2022

Using industrial shrink wrap to protect your outdoor table and chairs eliminates the exposure to moisture, UV rays, dirt, etc. Shrink-wrapping restaurant patio furniture is cheaper than leaving the furniture in a storage facility with monthly rent fees. This also requires minimum moving; you can leave the furniture where it will be used for easy unwrapping and staging for the warmer seasons.

Arrange Your Furniture for Shrink Wrapping

Before beginning any wrapping, gather the patio furniture in an arrangement that makes sense. Keep materials you’ll be needing for the process on hand for a quicker application. Generally, you want to keep chairs and tables together.

Flip all chairs onto the table, with the legs sticking straight up. Once you stack the furniture together, use twist ties to secure the chairs together by the legs. This keeps the bundle in place and ensures all pieces are secure until it is time to get them out again.

How To Cut the Shrink Wrap

You cannot just drape the shrink wrap over the furniture and call it a day. You need to cut the wrap for the most effective wrapping. Start by getting the proper measurements to determine how much shrink wrap you need.

Drape the wrap over the set of furniture. Now, glide a knife safely down the corners of the wrap to the ground for a tighter fit in the shrink wrap. Place these relief cuts where you think it will help tighten the wrap around the furniture.

Use a Heat Gun and Shrink Tape

The last tip for shrink-wrapping restaurant patio furniture is the most important for a fortified wrap job. Buffalo Shrink Wrap offers a shrink wrap heat gun for sale, perfect for this application. You can also purchase shrink tape from us to add stability to the furniture.

Heat the edges you cut with a heat gun to tighten the shrink wrap around the furniture and seal any open portions. Enforce areas with shrink tape for extra protection from weather and other elements. It is also recommended that you place vents on the sides of the wrap to keep condensation out.

Using these three tips will make the process of wrapping your restaurant patio furniture easier and less stressful. Think of the money you’ll be saving by not renting a storage unit. Try out shrink wrapping next off-season for hassle-free protection.


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