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Shrink Tape Applications: 3 Ways To Use Shrink Wrap Tape

March 9, 2022

Your business may be using shrink wrap to package products for safe travels. However, did you know that shrink wrap tape is also necessary for the best shrink wrap application? Shrink wrap tape has multiple uses, but we would like to provide you with the primary three ways to use shrink wrap tape in your next business endeavor.

Connect Films of Shrink Wrap

The main use for shrink tape is to connect pieces of your shrink wrap film to help cover a larger surface area. Wrapping heavy industrial equipment is no small task and requires extra attention to ensure the product remains safe from the environment. Use shrink tape on the edges of the film, overlapping at least an inch and a half to correctly secure the two pieces.

Repair Holes and Tears

Nothing is more frustrating than wrapping a large company item, only to find holes in the shrink wrap. Instead of wasting all that product and starting over, you can use shrink wrap tape. Apply smaller portions of shrink wrap tape to the hole until you’ve sufficiently covered it.

If your warehouse is wrapping oversized pallets, an extra layer of shrink wrap tape could go a long way when around the corners of the tallest boxes. It can hold each pallet of boxes together more firmly instead of becoming stretched out in the process of transportation.

Create Extra Padding for Sharp Edges

Buffalo Shrink Wrap understands that you need to keep your business’s items protected before shipping them, and sometimes, those large objects have sharp edges that could tear through the shrink film. Another way you can use shrink tape is to line those sharp edges with it. You’ll no longer worry if the shrink wrap job will stay in place; with shrink tape, it will.

Now that you have three ways to use shrink wrap tape, your products and materials will stay protected from outside environments and safely arrive at their destinations. While you can’t guarantee 100-percent protection, you can lower the risk of a load becoming undone in the semitruck by adding shrink tape. Our shrink tape is the perfect addition you need to wrap packages more soundly.

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