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Benefits of Shrink Wrap Tape: What Is It Used For?

July 1, 2022

Using shrink wrap to protect your packages or equipment through shipment is one of the better methods you can use. An extra way to reinforce the shrink wrap is to use shrink tape to strengthen specific areas of the wrap. Below you’ll find the benefits of using this tape.

Connect Sheets of Shrink Wrap

Sometimes, the equipment or package you’re wrapping requires a larger piece of wrap than you might have. You can use shrink wrap tape to reinforce the seams connecting the two pieces. This allows you to use the perfect amount of wrap without wasting excess bits.

Patch Holes

You never have to throw away a whole piece of shrink wrap when you find a hole in the packaging. Instead, you can use shrink tape to seal the holes over. Again, rather than tossing the entire wrap and starting over, you can now use the tape to patch the hole and move on to the next packaging step. You can also put it in areas where you think holes will rip more easily for an extra layer of protection, just in case.

Hold Vents in Place

When wrapping any boats in a marina during the off months, owners will choose to put in vents to help keep the moisture out of the vessel. Use the shrink tape to guarantee a good seal along the vent so that no outside elements can make their way inside. If you don’t use this extra wrapping component, you risk letting the vent fall out before boating season can start again.

Attach Zipper Doors

The last primary way you can benefit from using shrink wrap tape is attaching zipper doors to your packages, equipment, boat, etc. In some cases, you’ll need access to the product you’re wrapping, and a zipper door is the best way to do this without ruining your wrap job.

If you’re using shrink wrap to package items, you must use the tape as a reinforcer. It’s great to have on hand. While you might not need it for every application, it will come in handy during dire situations. The tape is an item that keeps the wrap secured on packages or equipment.

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