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5 Tips for Removing Shrink Wrap From Your Boat

June 27, 2022

Shrink wrapping your boat is an excellent solution to safely winterize the vessel. With summer in full swing, now is the time to start removing the shrink wrap to get your boat ready for boating season. To ensure you protect your boat while removing the wrap, follow our tips on how to remove heat shrink wrap from a boat.

Cut Parallel to the Ground

The first cut you make should be along the bottom edge of the wrap parallel to the ground. Make this cut near the cockpit of the vessel’s stern to avoid scratching any paint along the side. Cutting parallel will loosen the shrink wrap along the boat’s frame, making it easier to remove later on.

Cut Inside Out

After the first cut, lift the wrap away from the boat and cut the inside layer. This way, you’ll cut the layers away from the boat instead of using the utility knife to cut the layers toward the vessel, risking scratches. Never position the blade to cut towards yourself; do your best to angle the knife away from your body and face.

Ball Up the Plastic As You Go

Heavy-duty shrink wrap is recyclable as long as the wrap is clean. As you cut the plastic away from the vessel, ball up the material to keep it clean. You can recycle the wrap once after finishing the job, making this type of winterizing material sustainable for the environment.

Remove Vents and Doors

While the plastic is recyclable, the vents and doors are not. If you used these contraptions while winterizing your boat, remove them so they don’t end up in the recycling pile. You can reuse vents and doors the following year when you need to winterize the boat again.

Pull the Remaining Shrink Wrap

Once you free the bottom of the vessel from the wrap, you can simply pull off the rest from the frame because it will be looser. Typically, the best place to start pulling the wrap away from is the stern. Try to minimize the times you need to use the utility knife to avoid damaging the boat’s hull.

Removing shrink wrap from your boat should not take long, and is easy to accomplish. Take your time and watch where you place the knife, so you do not damage your boat. Shrink wrap as a boat winterizing wrap is a superb option for easy application to smooth removal.

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