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Safety Tips for Using a Shrink Wrap Heat Gun

July 19, 2022

A shrink wrap torch gun is a great tool for adhering plastic wrap to items because it does a wonderful job of ensuring the wrap stays in place amidst transport. This device reaches high temperatures; therefore, you must understand how to use the heat gun for shrink wrap safely. Ignoring these heat gun safety hazards and precautions when applying shrink wrap could cause a fire and damage your warehouse.

Unplug the Device

If you are no longer using the device, unplug it from the outlet. Leaving a heated tool in an unoccupied area could be detrimental. Ensure you unplug all heat guns from the outlets before leaving and packing up for the end of the work day.

Never Use an Extension Cord

If you need the heat gun to reach further, do not use an extension cord. It will overheat the device and potentially start a fire. Instead of an extension cord, move your workstation near an accessible outlet.

Avoid Flammable or Combustible Material

Leaving this device near flammable or combustible materials could cause an accidental fire. Ensure that you are storing your materials safely, be wary of where you place the heat gun, and only use it to secure shrink wrap to equipment or packages.

Allow It To Cool Down Before Storing

After several minutes or hours of using a shrink wrap torch gun, it will be extremely hot. You must allow the device to cool down before putting it back into storage. Do not risk any chances and assume that everything will be okay near a high-temperature tool before it has a chance to cool off.

Avoid the Nozzle

Do not look down the nozzle of the heat gun, and do not put anything down it. This area of the gun generates the most heat, which could harm your eyes or skin when you come in contact with metal on the device. You can clog the tool and ruin it by tampering with the nozzle, so do not push the device to perform jobs it cannot handle.

Heat guns are reliable if you utilize them correctly. Be cautious around the tool and only use it for the duties you perform at work. Keep heat gun safety a top priority, and never use the heat gun for anything but its intended usage.

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