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Why You Should Use a Heat Gun To Shrink Wrap

September 12, 2022

When applying shrink wrap to packages and other products, you should use a heat gun to further secure the wrap and protect the item inside. In fact, without this tool, you could be applying the film incorrectly, which will decrease the effectiveness of the wrap. If you use shrink wrap for your business, understand why you need a heat gun to help apply the film.

Shrinks the Wrap for Better Protection

If you’re using a material called shrink wrap, you’d better believe it can shrink—that is one of its primary purposes. In order to tighten or shrink the film around the product, you must use a shrink wrap heat gun along the seams and edges of the wrap. Using this tool will help create better suction to the item you’re wrapping for better protection when it’s in transit.

Helps Fuse Film Together

Some products might be larger than the width of your film. If this is the case, you may need to fuse two pieces of shrink wrap together. You cannot do that without the help of a heat gun. Additionally, once the employee is done wrapping the item, the tool can be used to seal the film together so there are no openings where outside elements and pests can get inside.

Eliminates Wrinkles and Helps Seal Holes and Tears

You can’t do every wrap perfectly; there may be a time when you notice wrinkles, holes, or tears in the wrap. A quick pass with the heat gun can smooth out the material and eliminate any wrinkles. However, you must be careful with how much heat you apply to the shrink wrap because you could perforate the material more.

If there is a puncture in your wrap, starting over is unnecessary. Shrink tape and a heat gun can instantly solve your problem. Without the use of this tool, you cannot repair the holes and tears properly because the heat secures the tape to the remaining wrap.

You should be using a heat gun to shrink wrap your products, or you may not be using the material efficiently. This is an imperative tool to have on hand when applying this film to your products. Without a heat gun, you are not using the shrink wrap to its full potential.

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