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What Type of Commercial Equipment Can Shrink Wrap Protect?

September 26, 2022

Shrink wrap can protect different types of commercial equipment throughout various industries. Buffalo Shrink Wrap supplies this material for businesses to better secure their items and prevent damage from occurring. Shrink wrap is a versatile material worth using. Find out below if your industry can benefit from our product.


One of the more common applications for applying shrink wrap is to provide shipping protection on pallets and other large items. While pallets are sturdy, the contents you lay on top of the wood can still receive damage after you ship the pallet. Prevent this from happening by wrapping these products with industrial shrink wrap before sending the items onward.

Water Vessels

During the off-season, commercial fishermen need to protect their boats and other sea vessels from experiencing damage due to other vessels in the marina, saltwater, weather conditions, or pests like rodents. The best protection is to wrap the boat in shrink wrap. This seals the deck and other exposed elements from conditions that can ruin the vessel.

Outdoor Restaurant Seating

The restaurant industry also uses commercial equipment, which shrink wrap can protect. In states where outdoor dining is not open year-round, restaurant owners look for ways to protect their outdoor furniture. This way, they can keep it in working condition for the following year. You can shrink wrap dining tables and chairs. This way, they can remain on the patio under the protection of the plastic. This also makes for an easier time setting up when you’re ready to use these items again.

Aviation and Aerospace Equipment

On a larger scale, when a manufacturer needs to ship heavy aircraft components, they often lay them on flatbed trucks. Without protection from the elements, the parts can end up scratched and damaged. Therefore, shrink wrapping is wise, as it ensures these components arrive in pristine condition. Whether transportation occurs over land or sea, dust, salt, and other outside conditions can negatively impact the cosmetics of the equipment. So use shrink wrap to avoid these damages.

Construction Site Machines

Construction is also a significant industry that can benefit from using shrink wrap. When you need to have a crew transport machinery to and from a job site, you can ensure it arrives in the same condition by wrapping shrink wrap around it. Furthermore, you can use this to enclose scaffolding. That way, you can protect open structures and workers from the weather. This can also help contain a roof.

If you want better protection for your products or equipment, then you should consider using industrial shrink wrap. Here at Buffalo Shrink Wrap, we have various wraps you can choose from to meet your needs. Contact us today with more questions—we would love to help you better protect your equipment!

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