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Why Shrink Wrapping Patio Furniture Is a Good Idea

December 20, 2022

What do you usually do with your patio furniture during the winter months? You might use a tarp to cover your outdoor furniture or move the heavy chairs and tables to an enclosure. Shrink-wrapping patio furniture, however, is a good idea for many reasons. Check out our reasons for using shrink-wrap below, and provide better protection for your outdoor furniture this season!

Prevents Unwanted Damage

One of the best reasons you should shrink-wrap your patio furniture is to protect it and prevent damage. For example, if you live in a climate that experiences harsh winters and you own metal patio furniture, the shrink-wrap will protect the material from corroding due to the wet snow piling on top of it. Wrapping your tables and chairs will provide a barrier around the furniture to better protect them from outdoor elements.

It's Super Convenient

Shrink-wrap can cover just about anything of any size, making this material convenient. It’s often a one size fits all scenario, but if you have an oversized item, you can always use shrink-film tape to attach two shrink-wrap sheets together to cover a wider surface. Plus, the wrap is super easy to remove once the winter snow melts and spring begins.

Better Security & More Snug Fit

Using a material other than shrink-film, such as a tarp, won’t provide as much security because it won’t create a seal around your furniture. Shrink-wrap provides a snug fit and leaves no room for pests or rodents to make their way in to keep warm. Skip the tarp next time; shrink-wrap gives you much better protection and security.

Shrink-Wrap Is Very Durable

The shrink-wrap you purchase from Buffalo Shrink Wrap is highly durable—our wraps have UV inhibitors and consist of virgin resin. These materials make the film hard to puncture or tear, so it can withstand harsh weather conditions and prevent sun damage. Shrink-wrapping your patio furniture with this material is a good idea because once you apply it, it will remain secure until you’re ready to remove it a few months later.

Patio furniture can be expensive to replace. Take better care of your outdoor seating by shrink-wrapping everything this winter! Browse the supplies on our website to find the best material for your outdoor furniture.

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