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A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Shrink Wrap Gauge

December 7, 2022

Measuring the thickness of your shrink film involves using gauges. Choosing the right shrink wrap gauge is essential for protecting your load and preventing wear and tear on your products. This shrink/stretch wrap guide covers the common types of gauges and the weight they are best suited to.

The Importance of Shrink Wrap Gauge

Different kinds of shrink wraps will have varying thickness gauges for the material. The item or product you’re wrapping with will determine how thick of a shrink film you need to apply. The gauge also plays a part in the strength, durability, and tear resistance of the wrap. Typically, the more your product weighs, the higher your gauge will be.

150-Gauge Wrap

Starting with the thickest heat shrink wrap roll on the market, the 150-gauge wrap is helpful for many applications. Typically, you would use this thickness to cover taller or oddly shaped items. This stretch film gauge works best for sharper objects because it’s more resistant to tearing.

90/100/115-Gauge Wrap

Coming in at a slightly smaller thickness, 90-, 100-, and 115-gauge wraps can handle excessive weight. 90-gauge films hold up to 2,600 pounds, while 100/115 gauge can support up to 3,000 pounds! This category involves shrink wrap that is more heavy-duty and resistant to wear and tear.

70- to 80-Gauge Wrap

Right in the middle of the different gauges, 80-gauge wrap is considered the industry standard. 70-gauge film is similar to 80 and just as popular. Ideally, these two thicknesses can handle up to 2,400 pounds.

60- to 63-Gauge Wrap

A stretch wrap with a 60-gauge thickness is true to size if you were to measure the material with a micrometer. Use this film with standard loads up to 1,800 pounds. As for a slightly higher gauge, 63-gauge wrap can actually handle much more weight, clocking in at 2,200 pounds, and does not puncture as easily.

47-Gauge Wrap

When it comes to choosing the right shrink wrap gauge, a lower thickness, like a 47-gauge, is better at providing tighter coverage on your load while retaining the same strength as a 60-gauge film. This means a shrink roll with a 47-gauge can handle 1,800 pounds.

37-Gauge Wrap

Lastly, a 37-gauge wrap is the most unique on this list because it’s actually a pre-stretched 80-gauge film. This wrap will be much thinner than its counterparts and best for loads no heavier than 800 pounds. Shrink wrap with a 37-gauge thickness is much easier to apply than higher gauges.

Consider the type of load you are wrapping first and how heavy it is to determine which shrink wrap is best for the application. Use the shrink wrap thickness guide above to ensure you’re choosing a suitable film for the job. Browse the wraps available at Buffalo Shrink Wrap to find the right one for you.

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