The Benefits of Shrink Wrap for Your RV or Trailer

February 1, 2023

Can you shrink wrap a camper, RV, or travel trailer? Whenever you put something into storage, you want to protect it from any harm, particularly your RV. One way to do that is with shrink wrap. Although you may associate the protective wrap with products shipped in bulk, the material is an effective tool to keep your trailer safe. Here are some of the benefits of shrink wrap for your RV or travel trailer.

Shrink Wrap Is Tighter

When looking at options for storing your RV, you might have considered using a tarp or a cover you can buy from a retailer. Although those can protect your trailer from some elements, they don’t provide as tight of a seal as shrink wrap. The wrap provides a seal that’s stronger and more durable than a tarp and doesn’t move around.

Additionally, shrink wrapping your RV for the winter, or any season, can ensure that rodents or other pests don’t invade your RV and use it as a temporary shelter. The product will prevent them from sneaking in and leaving damage or a mess you must clean up when you take it out of storage.

Shrink Wrap Accommodates Any Shape

Another benefit of shrink wrap for your RV or travel trailer is that it can accommodate any shape. There’s a good chance that you’ve added custom features to the exterior of your RV throughout its life.

Instead of worrying about finding a tarp with the right size to cover it all, you can use shrink wrap rolls on your trailer, and they’ll conform to any shape or size. Their ability will eliminate any worries you might have had about a tarp not being able to stretch far enough to protect portions of your trailer.

Shrink Wrap Keeps Moisture Out

The shrink wrap can also alleviate any concerns about your trailer experiencing damage from moisture. After you apply the shrink wrap to your RV's roof and other areas, you can install special vents that’ll control moisture and do the breathing for the wrap. You can walk away from your trailer with confidence that it won’t develop mildew or mold while you have it in storage.

Repairing damage to your RV can be expensive, so make sure you take care of it with shrink wrap. Visit our website to find the best products to keep your trailer safe and sealed.


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