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How To Stop Moisture Buildup Within Shrink Wrap

January 23, 2023

When people wrap items in shrink wrap, they want to create a tight, cost-effective seal around their belongings that will protect them from the elements. But sometimes, the wrap needs some extra enhancements to provide total protection. Discover below how to stop moisture buildup within shrink wrap.

Why Moisture Builds Up

Although the shrink wrap helps create a protective barrier from outside elements, it does not prevent moisture from forming inside. If you wrap up an item while it’s still wet, it can lead to such problems as mold and mildew since the moisture does not have a way to escape. If you can, dry the item off before you encase it in the wrap.

What You Can Use

If you are in a situation where you cannot fully dry the item before you wrap it up, do not fear. Thankfully, you can stop moisture buildup within shrink wrap by using a vent applied after the wrapping process. The product does the breathing for the wrap and eliminates the moisture so that your product will not suffer damage from mildew or mold.

Types of Shrink Wrap Vents

If you are having trouble deciding which vent to use, a plastic vent is one of the most common items. You can add this onto the wrap after cutting out an appropriately sized opening. With the help of the product’s adhesive, you should be able to put the vent over the hole and make it stick.

Another option is to use a stealth vent, which saves you the trouble of making a hole or using adhesive. Instead, the stealth vents feature a pointed end that allows you to slide the product into and over the wrapping. All you will need to do afterward is ensure you secure the vent with tape on the outside.

With these products, you can do a better job of storing and preserving your possessions. If you’re looking for shrink wrap wholesale suppliers that can also provide quality vents, browse the products at Buffalo Shrink Wrap. We have the right products for you.

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