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Blue, White, or Clear Shrink Wrap: Which Should You Use?

December 16, 2021

Shrink wrap is one of the best tools for covering up and protecting your property while you leave it in storage. It can prevent scratching, scuffing, and sun damage. But you can get blue, white, or clear shrink wrap. Which should you use? Knowing how they differ will allow you to pick the best one for the climate, temperature, and duration that you intend to use it for.

Blue Shrink Wrap

In northern states where the climate can get cold for half the year, blue shrink wrap may be the type you’ll need. The blue color absorbs heat, allowing it to dissipate evenly throughout its surface. This keeps the shrink wrap warmer than it otherwise would be.

Because of this heat-absorbing property, blue shrink wrap helps snow and ice melt and fall off more reliably than other colors. This results in better protection during the colder months of the year.

White Shrink Wrap

White shrink wrap is arguably the most common type of shrink film roll you’ll find. It reflects the sun’s heat, keeping its surface cool and preventing overheating.

You need to protect your property, such as boats and other vehicles, from sustaining sun damage. You must also guard them against heat damage. White shrink wrap is the best option for combating both of these.

Clear Shrink Wrap

Clear shrink wrap acts like its blue counterpart in the sense that it can absorb heat from the sun and keep warmer than other options.

However, clear shrink wrap tends to collect a lot of moisture. This buildup can damage boat and vehicle interiors without proper preventive measures. If you choose to utilize clear shrink wrap, you’ll need to have vents to eliminate the chances of significant moisture buildup.

Get the Shrink Wrap You Need

Different colors mean much more than just aesthetic differences; they have their own advantages and weaknesses you must consider. Whether you need a wrap for a colder climate or you must purchase vents, make sure to know the differences between blue, white, and clear shrink wrap.

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