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3 Reasons To Shrink Wrap Your Boat This Winter

November 29, 2021

When the winter cold finally hits, most mariners lock up their boats until the weather allows for safer sailing. During these extended periods of storage, it’s essential to ensure you provide your boat with proper protection. Even when you don’t take your boat out onto the water, there’s always the possibility that it will suffer some damage in storage. Know three reasons to shrink wrap your boat this winter to prevent any unnecessary damage.

Keep off Snow and Ice

One of the biggest dangers of the winter months is snowfall and ice accumulation. These dangers also pose a threat to your boat, as they can cause superficial damage and more serious wear and tear.

Shrink wrapping your boat covers it in a shield that prevents any snow from penetrating deep enough to harm your property, keeping it safely away from the inside of your watercraft. Many sailors come back in the late spring to find water and ice damage from the previous months, but you can avoid this with a tight seal.

Increased Stability During Inclement Weather

Snow is not the only weather-related obstacle you must overcome; you also need to prepare for heavy winds and other inclement weather. These situations can tear off weaker covers, ripping them away from your boat and exposing your watercraft to the elements.

With shrink wrapping, you avoid the threat of losing your cover with a tight, secure seal, protecting it even during the strongest winds. Don’t underestimate the power of a strong gust of wind; it can rip away your loose cover and cause significant structural damage in the process.

Customizable Sizing for a Better Fit

Not all boats are the same size; different models have different dimensions. Because of the wide variety of watercraft sizes, it can be hard to find a cover that securely fits your boat. Shrink wrapping your boat means giving it specialized protection in which you fit a cover over it without settling for something that’s too loose.

This relates back to having better stability; the more securely you can fasten your cover to the boat, the less likely it is to fly away. Industrial shrink wrap offers easy solutions to make sure your boat has the exact size cover it needs to remain safe.

Protect Your Assets

Boats are expensive water vehicles that require protection from the elements. Without taking the necessary steps beforehand, you run the risk of significant damage to your boat. These repair expenses quickly add up, but those costs are something you can avoid by knowing the benefits of shrink wrapping your boat this winter. Protect your boat and make sure it’s sea-worthy for the coming spring.

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