3 Common Reasons for Shrink Wrap Breakage

October 20, 2022

Packing your products with shrink wrap is excellent for keeping debris and moisture away from the item you’re covering, but there could be reasons why this material is breaking. Nothing is more frustrating than completing a wrap job only to find the seal is broken or another area of the film has a tear. Below, we list three possible causes of this breakage and how you can troubleshoot a solution for more durable and effective packaging.

Applying Too Much Heat

You must use a heat gun to create a seal with the shrink wrap by warming the material and fusing it together. However, excessive heat can melt it, which will cause it to break and create holes in the wrap. Luckily, you can fix this issue by applying shrink wrap tape over the hole and resealing it with more heat. Be wary of the heat gun’s settings, and take your time passing over the shrink film so you don’t damage it.

Load Operator Error

For industrial applications, you might use a machine to wrap pallets when the job is larger than a single employee. While this equipment can be more efficient in covering products, it can break in some instances. You must be mindful of this machine because any sharp corners or protrusions near the area can puncture the wrap and create large holes. Double-check your equipment before each wrap job to ensure you don’t ruin the material while applying it.

Incorrect Settings With the Sealing Wire

Again, when using a machine to shrink-wrap a product, you must use the correct settings to create a proper wrap job. The sealing wire may cause issues. If you notice the seal of your film splits after cooling off, it could point to problems with the wire. You can troubleshoot this reason for shrink wrap breakage in a few ways—clean the wire, adjust the temperature settings, and ensure the clamp applies even pressure to prevent the seal from splitting on the next application.

While it can be frustrating to experience breakage with your shrink film, there are ways to fix the issue. Remember to troubleshoot your equipment and understand which settings are suitable for creating the best seal and wrap job.


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