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Temperature Guide for Using a Shrink Wrap Heat Gun

November 3, 2022

No industrial shrink wrap job will be complete without a heat gun because the film might not form properly around your package or product otherwise. Finding the appropriate heat gun temperature for shrink-wrap is crucial to ensuring the film shrinks and preventing melting or burning. Become familiar with heat guns, the ideal types for industrial applications, the correct temperatures, and safety measures to follow.

Why Do You Need a Heat Gun

A shrink wrap heat gun is a handheld device that emits hot air for specific applications. When you cover a product with shrink wrap, you will use a heat gun to shrink the film and achieve a tight seal with no holes, gaps, or tears. If you apply shrink film without a heat gun, your product could be more susceptible to damage and wear and tear.

The Appropriate Type of Heat Gun

You may come across a few suggestions to use a hair dryer in place of a heat gun when you’re in a pinch. You should never follow this practice because a hair dryer does not emit enough heat to fuse your shrink wrap together.

The appropriate type of heat gun for industrial shrink wrap applications is either a gas or electric-powered device or one that uses a combination. Typically, these heat guns will come with a fan tail nozzle to help evenly distribute the heat along your film. You can add extensions or other components to the heat gun to make your heating and sealing process more accessible.

What Temperature Should the Heat Gun Be?

Generally, for industrial film jobs, the temperature for using a shrink wrap heat gun on Buffalo Shrink Wrap’s polyethylene material is around 160-350 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything less than that will not be suitable for your application because the shrink film will sag or come loose. Meanwhile, hotter temperatures will completely melt or burn the material. The thicker your film, the more heat you need to shrink it around an item correctly.

Safety Measures To Follow

When using a device that emits a high temperature, you must use the tool appropriately. Never point the heat gun toward another coworker, yourself, or combustible material and substances. Once you are no longer utilizing the device, turn it off. If using a propane heat gun, ventilate the area to avoid inhaling gas fumes. Lastly, only trained professionals should have access to the tool, and these employees should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the safest applications.

Remember, the type of heat shrink wrap or plastic you use will determine the ideal temperature of your heat gun. Usually, the film needs to reach 300 degrees to shrink and form around an item properly. Browse Buffalo Shrink Wrap’s heat guns to find the suitable one for your application process.

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