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Top 3 Accessories You Need When Using Shrink Wrap

May 1, 2023

When you shrink-wrap your property, you encase it in a seal that will protect it from the elements and keep moisture out. But you will need more than the wrap to complete the job. Read below about the top three plastic film tools and accessories you need when using shrink wrap.

A Heat Gun

One of the things you will need in this process is a heat gun for shrink wrap. This tool will help you tighten the wrap around the product to provide better protection to your property and help seal holes and tears in the wrap.

Don’t worry if you ever find that the product you are trying to cover is bigger than the width of your wrap. You can use the heat gun to fuse two pieces and seal the wrap shut so nothing gets inside.

A Vent

Another one of the top three plastic film tools and accessories you need when using shrink wrap is a vent. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to dry the item before you wrap it up, the vent can be a useful tool. You won’t have to worry about moisture building up because the vent will breathe for the wrap and remove moisture so your item does not develop mildew or mold.

If you get a plastic vent, add it to the wrap after cutting out an opening and making it stick with the product’s adhesive. You also can use a stealth vent, which you can slide into and over the wrapping via its pointed end. Afterward, you will need to secure the vent with tape.

Shrink Wrap Tape

You also should ensure you have shrink wrap tape when sealing up an item. The tape can be very useful if you accidentally create a hole in your wrap with your heat gun and need to seal it up.

After you apply the tape over the hole, you can reseal it with the gun. The tape also can help you attach plastic vents or zipper access doors after you have shrunk the wrap.

These plastic film tools can make shrink-wrapping your possessions much easier and more effective. If you’re looking for shrink wrap and accessories to help you get the job done, contact us at Buffalo Shrink Wrap. We are your go-to supplier.

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