Colored vs. Clear Shrink Wrap: Is There a Difference?

April 25, 2023

Shrink wrap can be useful for protecting your goods while in storage. But as you pack your items, you may wonder if there is an advantage to using colored versus clear shrink wrap.Read below to learn their differences.

UV Protection

One thing that colored and clear heavy-duty shrink wrap have in common is their ability to protect their contents from the sun. Manufacturers can include inhibitors in these humidity protection shrink wraps that block UV rays when their goods are outdoors.

For example, blue wrap can absorb heat and let it dissipate on its surface. Meanwhile, white wrap can reflect the sun’s heat, keeping the surface cool and preventing overheating.

In comparison, clear shrink wrap does not perform as well when it comes to sun protection. It can absorb heat, but the sun can penetrate the wrap better, exacerbating moisture buildup. This can damage the belongings inside if you do not implement vents to eliminate substantial moisture accumulation underneath.

Winter Storage

Colored plastic/shrink wrap also has an advantage over clear when it comes to winter storage. Although you can use clear shrink wrap to store your boat during the winter months, it can absorb too much heat and damage the boat’s interior.

However, there is a difference when you use blue-colored shrink wrap versus clear, especially if you live in the Northern states. When blue wrap absorbs heat, it can use that warmth to melt ice and snow. This will better protect your property during the colder months.

Which Should I Use?

When deciding between colored or clear plastic/shrink wrap, pick the one that better fits your needs. Ultimately, it will depend on your use. If you are looking for shrink wrap to protect your boat, RV, or trailer, contact Buffalo Shrink Wrap. We can help you find what you need to keep your items safe and moisture-free in storage.


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