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The Difference Between Shrink Wrap Tape and Preservation Tape

January 20, 2022

When it comes to protecting your assets, whether they’re land vehicles, watercraft, or furniture, you need to make sure you protect them as best you can. For this, you’ll need shrink wrap to protect them during long periods of storage, reducing the chances of your possessions sustaining damage.

But even with shrink wrap, you’ll need some shrink tape to get that extra bit of security. Before you get any use out of this special tape, make sure you understand the difference between what heat shrink wrap tape is and what preservation tape is.

What Is Heat Shrink Wrap Tape?

When you have items wrapped up in shrink wrap, this kind of tape is ideal for patching up any holes that tear open during storage. It provides you a quick fix to repair the integrity of your shrink wrap without having to completely replace the wrapping or allowing the tear to exist, risking further damage.

The tape itself has a strong adhesive glue that sticks to clean surfaces. One thing to consider is that this adhesive can leave behind residue on your shrink wrap if you peel it off. This doesn’t necessarily weaken the shrink wrap by any means, but it can interfere with future attempts to lay adhesive tape.

When it comes to shrink wrap tape, it can come in several different colors depending on the general temperature and climate. Be aware of the best tape for your climate and do your best to repair the wrap when the need arises.

What Is Preservation Tape?

Preservation tape serves much the same purpose as standard shrink wrap tape but with the benefit of protecting against UV rays. This UV protection makes it slightly stronger than standard adhesive tape, allowing for a longer time before it starts to peel away.

However, you won’t see much use out of this if you keep your items inside, away from sun rays. Additionally, preservation tape doesn’t leave behind a residue like its shrink wrap tape counterpart, making for no cleanup after removing the tape.

Protect Your Assets

When your shrink wrap shows signs of wear and tear, you need to take the necessary steps to repair it before exposing your items to potential damage. Know the differences between shrink wrap tape and preservation tape, ensuring you have the best equipment to protect your assets.

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