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Debunking 5 Misconceptions About Shrink Wrapping

February 27, 2023

For many years, shrink wrap has proven to be a useful tool for protecting people’s items in shipping and storage. However, naysayers still argue against its effectiveness and have misconceptions about shrink wrapping. Here are five myths about shrink wrapping that are easily debunked.

Misconception #1 – You Can’t Recycle Shrink Wrap

One incorrect belief is that you cannot recycle shrink wrap after you use it. In fact, you can recycle the wraps and use them to make other products. This diverts the material from ending up in a landfill.

Misconception #2 – Shrink Wrap Is Too Weak

Another misconception about shrink wrapping is that it can’t protect objects because it is too weak. On the contrary, you can purchase shrink wrap in different levels of thickness that add to its strength. It also provides users with a seal strong enough to prevent pests from entering and damaging their property.

Misconception #3 – It Is Hard To Open Shrink Wrap

Some also believe it is too hard to open shrink wrap to remove an item from the packaging. You can do it easily with the help of a utility knife or a box cutter. Clear shrink wrap even gives you an advantage over corrugated packaging in this process by showing you where you should cut so that you can avoid damaging the contents inside.

Misconception #4 – Shrink Wrapping Always Leads to Mold

You may also think that if you shrink-wrap an item, you will always trap in moisture that will lead to mold or mildew forming. You can easily prevent this by using vents that eliminate moisture and ventilate your wrap. After wrapping your product, you can attach vents on the outside to prevent damage.

Misconception #5 – You Can’t Use Shrink Wrap on Heat-Sensitive Items

Although you may use a  shrink-wrap heat gunto apply the wrap to your item, you will not have to worry about inadvertently damaging it. The wrap does not require a large amount of heat to shrink, and other wrapping processes can help eliminate any worries you have about harming your product.

When you package your items with shrink wrap, you will have peace of mind. Visit Buffalo Shrink Wrap’s website to find the best wrap products to protect your possessions.

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