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A Quick Guide to Recycling Your Boat Shrink Wrap

March 21, 2023

One of the things that you’ll do as you take your boat out of storage is remove the shrink wrap you encased it in. You may think you should throw the shrink wrap in the trash, but that is not the case. Instead, you can recycle it, so it has a second life. Read below for a quick guide to recycling your boat shrink wrap.

How To Remove the Wrap

One of the first things you must do is take the shrink wrap off your boat. First, make a cut along the wrap’s bottom edge parallel to the ground and near the cockpit of the stern. This approach will help ensure you do not scratch any paint on your boat. 

After you have pulled the wrap away from your boat, cut the inside layer. Remember to never angle the knife towards you, so you do not hurt yourself. 

How To Prepare the Wrap for Recycling

The next part of this quick guide to recycling your boat shrink wrap involves preparing the material for recycling. Take some time to make sure that the wrap is clean and that you remove any trash or contaminants, such as dirt and other debris.

You should then cut the shrink wrap into pieces you will roll up. This will make transporting the wrap to a recycling facility easier for you or someone else. Use a narrow piece of the wrap to tie it together instead of a piece of rope or twine.

Where You Can Take the Wrap for Recycling

You have several options where you can take your wrap for recycling. For example, some marinas will take it for you, while you also can investigate waste management companies and recycling facilities that accept shrink wrap.

By taking your shrink wrap for recycling, you keep it out of a landfill and help the Earth. If you recently recycled your boat’s wrap and need a new covering, visit Buffalo Shrink Wrap’s site to find products to keep your vessel secure.

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