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Tips for Maintaining and Caring for Your Heat Shrink Gun

July 3, 2023

A heat shrink gun can be a great help when you need to tighten the seal of your shrink wrap. But you must take care of the gun so it continues performing as needed and you stay safe in the process. You can do that by learning several tips for maintaining and caring for your heat shrink gun.

Look at the Hose Before Use

Examining the heat shrink gun before you start using it is very important. Look over its hose to see if you can spot any areas where there are openings. You don’t want to risk the danger of a fuel leak.

However, there may be times when you need to change the hose, even if it does not show any damage or wear. For example, you should replace it after three years of frequent use. In addition, if you discover that the producer commissioned it five years ago, change it immediately.

Clean Your Heat Gun Regularly

Providing regular cleanings is essential for maintaining and caring for your heat gun. For example, if you have a Shrinkfast heat gun, you should use compressed air on the main body and the assembly.

You should also see if you need to change the tool’s O-rings. Otherwise, it may be time to grease these with lubricant.

Store It Carefully After Use

How you take care of your heat shrink gun after use is equally important. For example, when it is no longer warm, you should put it in a place free of moisture so that it won’t develop any rust.

In addition, you must place it in an area where it will not easily fall or suffer accidental damage. Unfortunately, these falls can prevent the gun from working correctly, which may mean you must have it repaired or purchase a new one.

Taking good care of your heat shrink gun will allow you to keep your items sealed and protected. Contact Buffalo Shrink Wrap if you are looking for heat gun products you can rely on. We can help you make the shrinking process more efficient.

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