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Helpful Tips for Using Shrink Wrap When Moving

June 15, 2023

When your family decides to move to a new home, you want to ensure your possessions arrive at the new house in good condition. One way you can do that is by using shrink wrap for moving to secure your items. Read about several helpful tips for using shrink wrap when moving to keep them pristine and damage-free.

Decide What Needs To Be Wrapped

As you plan your move, look at your belongings and decide which items you will need to shrink wrap for moving and which ones you can pack using other methods. This will help you better understand how much shrink wrap you need to buy so that you don’t end up overspending. Items you choose to shrink wrap may include furniture, rugs, and framed artwork. The wrap will keep these items from getting dirty during the move.

Shrink Wrap Items with Drawers

We have established that shrink wrap can be useful for protecting your furniture in a move. Make sure you don’t skip wrapping an item up because it has drawers. Shrink wrap is very useful for locking drawers in place as movers transport the furniture to your new home. The wrap will stop the drawers from falling out and suffering damage.

Avoid Sealing Any Moisture Inside

Although shrink wrapping furniture for moving is very good at keeping dirt and dust away from your belongings, you should be careful not to seal any moisture inside while packing your items. If you are afraid that moisture could damage your wooden or leather furniture, you can add some padding between the furniture and the shrink wrap using a blanket. The padding will prevent mold or mildew, and the wrap will ensure the blanket stays in place.

Wear Gloves When Wrapping

A helpful tip for using shrink wrap when moving is to wear gloves while wrapping your belongings. The gloves will protect your hands from any friction from the wrap roll and will keep them protected if you use a heat gun on the wrap. You don’t want to make the mistake of touching the heated wrap with your bare skin.

Using shrink wrap for your move can help you avoid unpleasant surprises when unpacking your belongings. If you're wondering where to buy shrink wrap for moving and other accessories to keep your items safe and sealed, such as preservation tapecontact Buffalo Shrink Wrap. We can help you protect items of multiple shapes and sizes.

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