The Difference Between a Heat Shrink Gun and a Torch

July 24, 2023

When packing something in shrink wrap, you may reach a point where you must tighten the wrap. If you don’t have your heat shrink gun on hand, you may think, “Why not just use a torch?” But there’s a major difference between a heat shrink gun vs a torch that can compromise the safety of your items and the wrap. Read below to learn more.

How the Two Are Different

When you think about a heat shrink gun vs a propane torch, it is easy to understand why you might believe they’re similar. After all, both are tools that send out heat from the end of their tips that reach extremely high temperatures.

But what they send out makes the difference between a heat shrink gun and a torch. The heat gun discharges hot air where you point it. The torch sends out an actual flame.

Why a Heat Gun Is Better on Shrink Wrap

What makes a heat gun better for shrink wrap is that you have less chance of damaging your wrap or the contents inside. Although you can if you hold it too close, you won’t if you keep the gun a safe distance from your wrap.

But if you use the torch on the wrap, you’ll substantially increase the chances of this happening since you’ll be using an actual flame. The wrap can easily start a fire unless you use a flame-retardant product.

What You Should Use a Torch For

Although a torch isn’t a good tool to use with shrink wrap, it has other uses where you can apply the flame without worrying about starting a fire. These include brazing and soldering, where the goal is to attach pieces of metal together.

Using the right tool will allow you to care for your wrap and the items inside it better. Contact Buffalo Shrink Wrap so that you can buy shrink wrap and heat gun products to keep your possessions sealed and protected properly. You’ll also avoid any accidents that will cost you dearly.


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