When To Use a Shrink Wrap Heat Gun Extension

June 1, 2022

There are many benefits to using a shrink wrap heat gun extension. If you need to wrap large items, you’ll need an extension for the heat gun. Learn what a heat gun extension is, how you can use it, why you should use one, and the various extensions currently on the market. Start protecting your items from damage and learn the better ways of shrink wrapping.

What Is a Heat Gun Extension?

An extension is a component you can add to your heat gun to elongate the device’s reach. Many companies that ship large items or work with boats and other large industrial equipment benefit from using an extension. An extension allows you to reach areas on the shrink wrap that you wouldn’t usually reach with your arm span.

How Should You Use a Heat Gun Extension?

Consider using an extension if you find that the shrink wrap does not seal properly around a large item. For oddly shaped objects, the top of the wrap can lack a seal because the employee could not reach the seal’s top. Attach the extension to the heat gun and work the device as you usually would, but in the areas that need the long reach.

Why Should You Use a Heat Gun Extension?

Using an extension minimizes the need for additional equipment to access those hard-to-reach areas. This also reduces the risk of falling from heights because the worker will no longer need a step ladder to reach the area. Not only do they reduce risk, but the extensions are also quick and efficient in getting the job done in a timely, safe manner.

Do Extensions Come in a Variety?

Depending on your shrink wrap torch gun, there are various lengths on the market. Typically, you should purchase an extension of the same brand as the heat gun. If you try out an extension that is not of the same origin, you are most likely to run into problems, or it will not work at all.

Now, you know when to use a shrink wrap heat gun extension, and you can efficiently wrap larger packages. Shrink wrapping is an excellent method to protect your packages from damage amid transport. Start using shrink wrap today, and don’t forget an extension for your heat gun to get those hard-to-reach areas.


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