Ripack Series 3000 Heat Gun


Includes: Heat tool with back-up igniter
– 26’ hose
– Securipack – combined fail-safe regulator,
– Plastic case
– Wrench for tightening fittings.
– One year manufactures warranty.

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Adjustable power and time saving:
The new RIPACK® Series 3000 can wrap a Euro-pallet of one meter height in less than a minute with his heating power adjustable from 45 to 76kW.

Maximal safety:
Its conception guarantees the total safety of persons and goods because any gas leak and any burn by direct contact or by backfire are impossible. The combustion nozzle in stainless steel remains cold even during an intensive use (Patent Ripack®). The design of the aluminum body forbids any obstruction of the diverse air inlets and the pressure regulator SECURIPACK has a double security.

Total ergonomics:
The dual-material handle, the easy action of the trigger, the perfect balance of its 1220 grams, the rotating nozzle in 360°, the rotating gas connector and the hanger ring authorize an intensive use without any constraint. But the ergonomics is total and also applies to the current maintenance in order to limit the down time of the shrink gun to the minimum. The replacement of the igniter piezo is made without tool in less than a minute with an incorporated emergency igniter.

Optimal reliability:
The general quality of construction and the choice of materials ensure the durability of use in optimal conditions of security and uptime. The components sensitive to shocks, to heat or to tearing are systematically protected.

Versatility and adaptability:
To retract the large areas of film, RIPACK® Series 3000 offers a choice of 5 extension wands from 0.50 to 2 meters long (common to model RIPACK® 2200) and adaptable with a single click.
A pivoting arm rest provides increased comfort during use with extension wand

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Weight 15 lbs


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